In the workshops we focus on the different body systems according to the principles of Body-Mind Centering© and explore their sensory and movement qualities.

BMC is not a technique, but rather an approach that explores the connections between body and mind. Using anatomy and physiology as a basis, we learn through movement, touch and voice how the different systems (skeleton, muscles, organs, fluids, nervous system, etc.) influence our thinking, feeling and acting, and as musicians, our sound, technique and creativity.

BMC opens up the access to the body's own intelligence and offers ways for profound change: new possibilities of movement and expression can unfold, movements become more supple and effective, stress and injuries can be prevented.

  • Skeleton and structure - is music really hard work?
  • Organs - very much connected to your emotions!
  • Muscles
  • Childhood movement development and unlocking your full potential - how we come to learn movement and how we can catch up on missed steps as adults.
  • Warm-up exercises
  • Anatomical theory units
  • alignment and connection of various body regions
  • free breath
  • free voice - free sound
  • weight and support
  • explorations with the instrument
  • inner images
  • embodiment