One to one sessions

The individual sessions are multifaceted and based on your needs. They are a shared exploration of free movement, easy-flowing yet stable technique, and stress-free music-making with enjoyment and serenity. I strongly encourage you to enjoy the process and even to use mistakes as a useful piece of information. 

The excessive focus on perfection and error avoidance that often accompanies professional music making is counterproductive to efficient learning and causes physical and mental tension: the body clamps down in places that are not needed for movement and forces its way into others in order to force the 'ideal movement'.
I offer an open space in which you can perceive and take seriously the experiences that we usually avoid.



Through touch, conscious movement and an understanding of anatomical structures I help you to discover your body-mind connections and your moving/breathing/thinking patterns. 

You will gain a new understanding of sensomotor processes, learn to reorganise and modify old patterns and to build new, more useful ones. In this way you expand your repertoire and gain greater artistic freedom.When you perform in this mode, pain and stress are pre-programmed. The consequence on a mental level is the loss of your joy of playing and your curiousity. This loss is a breeding board for fears, feelings of failure and anxiety...