Hey! I’m Galabina.

I’m a violist and somatic coach. I’ve got a deep drive to explore  the dialogues between physiology, psychology and music and find how the interconnections shape our movements, emotional states and experience of music making.  

My own way through all this has shown me that sometimes it is just one puzzle piece missing to step into ease and joy in music making.

I stood on stages with my bow arm trembling… I stood in practice rooms thinking „Who do I think I am to even try to play this concert?“... I practiced one piece of music for weeks and months only to have memory blackouts and blocked hands at the night of the performance…

The key to freedom lies within our own minds, movements and breath patters. This work changed my life, and I have immense gratitude for the chance to accompany others in reigniting joy, lightness and a natural ease in their music making.


©Christian von Scharpen


  • Since 2013 coaching sessions with instrumentalists on: efficient practising, audition training, body work
  • many years of meditation practice and training as a yoga teacher
  • since 2020 participation in the training for SME (Somatic Movement Educator) licensed by the School for BMC®.
  • tango dancer

©Damien Comment


SOMA is the body perceived from within. MUSE stands for music and the muse as inspiration.

SOMAMUSE refines your awareness of your body and the understanding of mental and psychological processes.

The goals are as individual as the people I support. They all have in common the desire for more joy and mindfulness, for growth and creative self-expression.


Together with musicians, I explore how their body experience is connected to their movements on the instrument and the emotions they experience, and how this unity becomes unbalanced. 

You will expand your vocabulary of movement, expression and sound and increase your stage presence. Anatomical knowledge and new ways of moving with/without your instrument prevent bad posture, discomfort and fatigue. 

Individual sessions and workshops at music universities and in orchestras offer practicable knowledge and integrate it into the body experience of the participants.