coachings inspired by BMC©

We apply principles of Body-Mind Centering® to improve the quality of your movement and experience. The connections between body and mind affect your action. Understanding them will make negative emotions and physical discomfort loosen their grip on your experience and actions.

In personal coaching sessions, we'll be on the lookout for your individual patterns and needs – with or without your instrument.

At regular group sessions, you can deepen and further explore this experience. Group dynamics offer a completely different field of possibilities than the one of individual practice.

In orchestras and ensembles, a specially designed workshop (download info) creates a new sense of community as the basis for the common sound. The individual is perceived in a respectful way, and the working environment gains a new communicative and creative quality.

yoga | meditation

I combine classical Hatha Yoga with somatic work: through anatomical images, physiological indications and visualization, you will experience your anatomy and its systems. These inner images are integrated into the positions. They facilitate and enrich the effect of asanas. I help you to discover and strengthen what you just need to act balanced and self-determined.


In individual coaching sessions and small groups we approach a stable, powerful body and a gentle, clear mind.

violin | viola lessons

Body awareness and naturalness are central components of my own work. Making music becomes joyful and exciting, and these qualities can always be practiced: as a beginner or advanced, child or adult.


I integrate somatic work with BMC® into teaching. This prevents tensions and promotes the naturalness of body erection and movement. The sound is enriched, breath and movement come into a natural flow – the pure flow experience.


Together, we will look for a technique that meets your own anatomy and is effortless and efficient for you.