GROUP Practice sessions

At the practice sessions, you can try out BMC® or continue to research the topics and body structures that are relevant to you.

Small anatomical units, body trips and visualizations, partner and individual work are elements of the evenings. I lead and accompany, but the space is open to the group process.

Every 3rd Monday of the month, 7-9 p.m. at aeon (Dornacherstrasse 101, 4053 Basel).

Price: 35 CHF (Students: 25 CHF)

Please register up to 48 hours in advance.

Ensembles and orchestras

As a "musical sound unit" we are dependent on collaboration and the common sound.

BMC promotes the understanding of the function modes of larger systems: the principles of the body can be transferred to the system of an "orchestra".

It is about giving the individual an own voice without levering the whole – an integrative process which requires sensitivity and understanding for oneself and the group.


We approach the goal of this fine balance through musical work and rehearsals. Other elements of BMC® can also be used. It is a playful, respectful and open kind of work.


Individual coachings

The work in the individual sessions is manifold and depends on the client's current needs. We work with anatomical images and small units of anatomical theory, touch and movement can be involved, with or without your instrument.


It is about exploring your own body-mind connections and uncovering imbalances which – with your specific problem – are standing "in your way".


Together we can gently push these obstacles aside – a good solution is waiting behind.