Galabina Ivanova

Diploma in Cultural Studies (Music, Psychology, Literature, Theater and Media at the University of Hildesheim) 


Music Studies (Viola with Prof. Jone Kaliunaite) at Folkwang Hochschule and HfM Saar. (Diploma of Orchestral Music)


Over 15 years of chamber music, audition and orchestral experience (SWR, Deutsche Oper am Rhein Düsseldorf and Stadttheater Gießen).


Since 2013 coaching activity with musicians having physical complaints and mental blockages. Individual preparation for auditions.

Yoga practice and training as a yoga teacher at Yoga Vidya Mainz. Yoga teaching experience since 2011.


Further education and training:

Reference Point Therapy at Oya Erdogan in Berlin (2012–2013)

Body Mind Centering at Sarah Menger (2014–2015)


My motivation

The spaces and connections between music, body and mind are the places and bridges where we can work on and with ourselves. This is what my research and work with musicians is about.


Music has accompanied me since my childhood. How can it flow unhindered, within the musician as well as with the listener? How does it move us? What is our own sound? Does its expression arise from an inner truth?


Music lives and changes with me.


Making music without a body is impossible. How does my body work? In yoga, tango, with the instrument, in everyday life.

How do I shift and bear my weight? Where is my breath? What does it all have to do with me?


Body as an anchor for Here and Now.


Making music without a spirit is impossible. Who is it that 'thinks' inside me? Does my right hand think differently than my navel, my shoulder, my thymus gland? How do I move when I think this way and then differently?



Mind influences my body and sound.