coachings for musicians

I work with individuals, ensembles and orchestras by means of conversation, somatic work and meditation. My coaching sessions are inspired by my work as a musician and yoga teacher, my experience as a dancer and by Body-Mind Centering®. Together with me, the musician decides, which element is the most useful in the situation on hand.

My basic objective is a clear focus, while at the same time being open to the results, and a relaxed exploration of the client’s own options and ways. Thus the individual artistic and technical potential can blossom naturally.

Often, I witness a striking discovery: hardly ever it is 'technique" the hindrance for playing music in a healthy and delightful manner. The answer to a healthy developement and to confident, inspiring performances is held present in the dialogue between our body and mind.


By learning to listen to this dialogue and approaching the painful spots within a playful, conscious presence, our body-mind will eagerly provide us with the answers needed.

somatic work

BMC® is the conscious exploration and experience of your body, its movements and its connections with the mind.

It is based on physiological knowledge and the embodiment of one's own anatomy in motion. This has a positive effect on the musicians' movements, and sound as well as on her stage presence and artistic expression.


BMC® can be used:

  • for releasing tension and stress
  • for a natural upright body posture
  • to free your breath and movements
  • for detection of psychophysical disturbing patterns
  • for balancing disbalances
  • to expand your artistic vocabulary

yoga | meditation

Yoga is a path of practice. We practice the asanas and our breath outwardly, but it is also an inner practice. We get to know our body and mind, begin to see the blockages and learn how to deal with them. We practice setting clear goals and pursueing them in a calm way. We have a clear focus without losing sight of the whole picture.



Yoga and Meditation help you become:

  • supple and resilient
  • mobile and permeable
  • enduring and focused
  • free and savouring
  • grateful and humble
  • joyful and calm
  • concentrated and self-assured
  • genuine and balanced

violin | viola

Apart from technical skills, joyful music making also requires imagination, creative drive and aesthetic sensitivity.
For this purpose it is necessary to know your body and feelings and to make wise use of t. Then, practicing an instrument becomes an exciting self-exploration. And there’s a benefit in this, also for your daily routine.


What you can do:

  • to adapt your technique to your anatomical reality (not vice versa)
  • to receive more joy through your practice
  • to play and perform in the FLOW-state
  • to prevent pain
  • to enhance your stage presence










Andere über meine Arbeit...

Besonders bereichernd waren die Übungen aus dem BMC, die den Fokus auf feinste Körper-Wahrnehmungen lenken.
Diese Art, sich der Musik und dem Instrument zu nähern, hat mich auf tiefe Weise mit der Essenz des Musizierens verbunden.

Lorenza, Geigerin aus Freiburg

Bei Galabinas Unterricht ist ihr intensiver Bezug zum Yoga unverkennbar. Alles dient dazu, Körper und Geist frei zu machen, für eine gute Selbstwahrnehmung und sichere Auftritte.

Wunderbar befreiend!


Alexander, Cellist aus Leipzig

Einmaliges Erlebnis!

Der Workshop hat mir Respekt für das Wunderwerk meines Körpers vermittelt.

Ein bewusster Umgang mit meinem Körper bedeutet eine intensivere Erfahrung meiner Umwelt. Beides habe ich mitgenommen.

Markus, Pianist aus Berlin

Die Workshops waren behutsam und inspirierend ge- und begleitet. Ich durfte einen neuen Freund und liebevollen Ratgeber kennen-lernen: Meinen Körper! Auf eine ganz besondere Weise, die Neugierde weckt, mit Freude erfüllt und Heilung verspricht.

Bibi, Sängerin aus Amsterdam